Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Call to PRAYER

My dear friends. I cannot believe that as I head off to bed tonight I am looking at a count of 177 sponsors on my sponsorship page. 177!! I am so undeserving of all this generosity and I thank you all sincerely from the bottom of my heart for your support. These are the last 4 days before the OC Marathon, and as the race draws closer, the grace rushes in more abundantly every day.

Today on my 3mi run around my neighborhood I prayed in thanksgiving for YOU, in thanksgiving for how the Lord has answered your prayers throughout my Litany Run training, and I prayed in petition for those answers you're still waiting for. The rest of the day only got better, as I was blessed with another day at my wonderful job, where I am currently helping with preparations for our diocesan priestly ordination mass, coming up in just one month! I serve our diocese in a small way, but our seminarians are always in my heart and prayers, and I can never be thankful enough that I have this wonderful job.

Your donations and sponsorships sent me over $14,000 and 26% of my goal today, my dear friends. This is truly incredible. My rosaries for you grow more focused every day, and I am praying that the Lord is showing you what a gift you have been to me. Some of you I have been praying for since December. Some of you I just met today. But you all mean so much to me, and every anxiety that pops up in anticipation of this Sunday is driven away when I think of how God is working in your life, and how my prayers might be able to bring you joy in even the smallest and most humble of ways.

I beg for your continued prayers in these last 4 days. Please pray that the Lord will send me a few more souls to pray for during my run. And please pray for my patience and good judgement in exercising, as my left Achilles tendon is still a bit inflamed. I am praying that it will heal by this weekend, but trying to mentally prepare to run with it just the way it is.

All glory to God, I don't think I'll be as close to my goal as I had hoped by the end of this weekend. But I have some ideas on how my fundraising will continue after the marathon... so please see my smiling face in your hearts. Pray for each other! You are all brothers and sisters who have supported me so far. Invite others to join the family :D.

God bless you and make you saints!!

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