Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CHANGE OF PLANS - Let's make it a RELAY!!!

The 99-Day Novena, which began on May 21st and leads up to the Feast of St. Augustine, has now become a 99-Day Novena RELAY! Sign up for any of the 11 leg(s) of the relay you wish, by commenting on the FB Event page: "99-Day Novena RELAY". Tell me which leg you’ll be praying and throw your prayer intentions up on the wall too so that others can join in when you begin! Please invite your family and friends! 

Kickoff Leg: May 21-29
Special invocation: Saint of your choice!

Leg 2: May 30 – June 7
Special invocation: ST. JOAN OF ARC & ST. AGNES 

Leg 3: June 8 – June 16
Special invocation: ST. FRANCIS of ASSISI

Leg 4: June 17 – June 25
Special invocation: ST. CECILIA

Leg 5: June 26 – July 4
Special invocation:  BL. POPE JPII &  BL. TERESA of CALCUTTA

Leg 6: July 5 – July 13
Special invocation: ST. MARIA GORETTI

Leg 7: July 14 – July 22 
Special invocation: ST. MARY MAGDALENE & ST. PETER

Leg 8: July 23 – July 31
Special invocation: ST. JUDE

Leg 9: August 1 – Aug. 9
Special invocation: ST. THERESE OF LISIEUX

Leg 10: Aug. 10 – Aug. 18
Special invocation: ST. MAXIMILIAN KOLBE 

Leg 11: Aug. 19 – Aug. 27
Special invocation: ST. AUGUSTINE

August 28 special invocation: 

The relay has begun!! Get Prayin!! 

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