Friday, March 15, 2013

Acceptance Letter

Hello friends! Wow what an amazing week... toping out at just over $3,000. Only 51 days and $50,000 left to go :). Thank you thank you thank you! I am praying hard for you and all of your prayer requests. A more detailed update to come this weekend but, at the wonderful suggestion of one of my sponsors, I wanted to put up my official acceptance letter, which I received from Sr. Mary Norbert and Mother Mary Augustine, O.Praem. during my visit in February. Its come to my attention that many of the people I've contacted about Litany Run may have been skeptical about whether it was a legitimate cause, and its likely that many people have even deleted my emails without opening them... thinking that they're spam. That's okay... the Holy Spirit is still working!! But for your heart-settling convenience:

This is probably kind of difficult to read... but the original size it was too large! Zoom in maybe?

I hope that helps anyone who has questions about my entrance status. It's almost St. Patrick's day! And then the Feast of St. Joseph! Goodnight!

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