Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And we're off!

Ave Maria! Welcome to my blog about Litany Run - where I will write about my training and reflections in preparing for The OC Marathon 2013, which I am running in an effort to pay off my student debt through your generous sponsorship, so that I can be financially free to enter religious life! Thanks be to God for this wonerful opportunity! I am so excited for what the coming weeks and months have in store.

I will update this blog regularly so that you can follow me, and pray with me through my training. 26.2  miles to the monastery! Okay, I won't be running TO the monastery through the marathon... but, God willing, your sponsorship through this race is what will allow me to finally enter my home at the Bethlehem Priory of St. Joseph, as a Norbertine sister in the Order of Premontre.

Today, as we settle our hearts into the penitent Season of Lent and receive ashes, we are reminded that we began as dust, and that eventually we will return to that physical form until we are raised again with Christ on the Last Day. Each year this day comes as a much needed slap in the face as far as how small I am and how Great the God of the universe really is. What I need prayer for the most right now is for the strength to remain humble through whatever road the Lord leads me down. I often let my pride creep up on me, and most especially on days like today when I am unworthily entrusted with some amount of responsibility in helping further the Kindom of God through the New Evangelization.

This morning I ran the kickoff leg of the West Coast Arm, in the A-Cross the Country Relay for the National LIFE Runners Team. The craziest and most beautiful run of my life (so far)! It was such an honor and I give thanks for a blessed morning run in San Francisco and the opportunity to pray for mothers, fathers, the unborn, and everyone who has ever been or ever will be affected by the great tragedy of abortion (which is everyone who ever was an ever will BE, actually). I pray for the healing of all men and women who have been hurt by abortion, for all those who will pray on the frontlines of this battlefield of the war on women during the 40 Days for Life campaign, and that many lives will be touched by the Relay, as we run across the country from both coasts in our Life RUNNERS jerseys, encouraging everyone we pass to "Remember the Unborn."

I continue to run the Relay in spirit until it ends on March 24th, but my designated leg has been run and my training focus now shifts to The OC Marathon. Praise Jesus! I am looking forward to being in touch with you through this blog and my webiste, in the coming weeks. And I ask for your prayers that however the Lord may choose to bless me through this endeavor, that I will continue to pursue a life of humility and give all the glory to Him for whom, and by whom, I was created.

May the peace of Christ be with you, the Lord bless you abundantly, and the Holy Spirit guide you to become a saint.

Totus Tuus

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