Thursday, June 13, 2013

Quick Update / Upcoming Announcement

Greetings brothers and sisters! Happy Feast of St. Anthony of Padua! Did you know that he was ordained as a Canon Regular before transferring to the order of Friars Minor? The prayer life he had to back up his awesome preaching must have been tres cool.

Are we really almost halfway through June already? Wow time flies. I spent this past weekend at the Bethlehem Priory of St. Joseph with my future sisters, (and some of my future brothers too… the Novices from St. Michael’s Abbey came for a day-visit!). I’m so happy to tell you that they’ve moved into their new building! Praise Jesus that they are finally out of the old trailers that were, according to Mother, quite run-down and not very good for their health. I had a beautiful weekend of peace, prayer, and too much feasting. Ok well really, I actually tried to practice a bit of temperance… but it was really lovely to have three Feast days in a row! Feast of St. Norbert on the 6th, then the Sacred Heart of Jesus, then the Immaculate Heart of Mary! What a blessing to be there and pray with the community for the whole weekend. Every time I go there, I go fully expecting not a whole lot to happen. But at the end of every visit I leave having experienced so much grace that I feel quite silly for underestimating Our Lord so much.

Friends, I am happy to tell you that even while my debt remains substantial in these last final few months, I think that the Lord is confirming for me – more and more through many graces and blessings – that the time to enter is at the end of August this year. I know that I still have a long way to go to pay off my loans, but I know that if He wants me in the convent this fall, He will make Himself known in the hearts of those who are able to assist me, and all will be resolved in time. I am so thankful for this peace He has given me about it all, and I pray that those who are in similar situations to me are at peace with His desire for their entrance date as well. But since I so strongly believe that August 28th is the day I am meant to enter, it’s time to plunge into my next and potentially final fundraising effort.

On Friday at 3pm I will announce my effort for the next two months, and launch my new/updated website. Please check back then for information on how you can help me (or spread the word if you’ve already helped) and please continue to keep me and all aspirants in your prayers. Especially the growing number of good men who have been accepted into St. Michael’s Abbey for postulancy in August!

May God bless you and keep you holy. 

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